Signs of Wife Cheating

While the top 25 signs of wife cheating listed are not all of the signs of potential infidelity, these are good indicators something not good or healthy for you may be happening. 

Signs of Wife Cheating - Don't Tell Our Secrets1. She comes home from working late or being out with friends and comes to bed smelling like fresh soap.

2. As the affair continues, she comes home and now you can smell the faint scent of another man on her. The stage of the affair is at the point where she now wants to smell his scent on her as she drifts off to sleep.

3. Usually energetic in the past, she is coming home from work exhausted from her lunchtime rendezvous where she couldn't get enough of the dessert and now all she wants to do is lay on the couch to rest.

4. You notice that she still hasn’t washed the outfit she wore on a night “Out With the Girls” that happened two weeks ago. Could it be that she wants his smell to stay on her clothes to remind her of their intimacy together?

5. Tells you that she’s late because she has been clothes shopping but never has the receipts for what she bought. A check of the credit card statements show the clothes were bought two days before she went shopping. Possibly during lunch since she canceled your lunch date.

6. Friends tell you they saw your wife out and they have a look of sympathy on their face but change the subject when you ask who died.

7. You hear a new ring tone on her cell phone and she lets it go to voicemail even with the phone right next to her. Later you see the phone has been moved when you return from the bathroom.

8. All of sudden she has a keen interest in keeping the internet history, cookies and emails deleted on the computer when she use to tell you do it.

9. Complains that Joe at work sprayed some of his cologne on them at work.

10. She keeps buying new sexy panties but you only see her in granny panties.

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11. Shows up at home without wearing her wedding ring after working late and it amazes you how she can still look like she just stepped out of the shower after working hard all day.

12. She starts pressing you about being unfaithful to her to throw you off track.

13. Abruptly stops wanting to meet you for lunch because she is too busy at work but you notice on the credit card bills that she is squeezing in lunch somehow and the amount could be for two people.

14. You find out she has other email accounts that she accidentally forgot to tell you about.

15. Personally, out of the blue, tells you not to worry about helping with the laundry.

16. You hear a phone ring in her purse while her cell phone is lying on the kitchen counter and she tells you her girlfriend left it in the car. Two weeks later you see the same phone again when she is pulling crap out of her purse.

17. Comes home smelling like she took a bath in her perfume.

18. Changes to a new type of perfume from the perfume that she has worn for years and the new bottle of perfume is proudly displayed on her dresser instead of mixed with her other cosmetics. 

19. Supposedly she is working a lot of overtime, but it never shows up in the checking account. You wonder about her recent comments about having to buy so many birthday presents for people at work lately when she didn't use to buy presents and she has worked there for five years. That must be some very nice presents.

20. Changes the password on her computer and changes the subject when you mention it to her.

21. Joins the gym to get in shape but doesn’t invite you to be her workout partner.

22. Stops giving you a kiss on the way out the door and doesn’t look warmly at you when saying “I Love You”

23. New small bruises and scratches start showing up on her neck, her back, and her thighs. The bruises on her thighs are small and the width of fingers.

24. Her interest in new techniques in bed has increased along with her appetite and desire to be naughty or she cuts you completely off.

25. She starts wanting to be satisfied as soon as she gets home to cover her tracks.

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Do any of the Top 25 Signs of Wife Cheating hit home? If so, don't get mad and do something stupid.

Prison is full of guys who didn't stay focused and let their emotions take control in a major negative way. They are in jail and the now ex-wife has a new man in her bed.

Stay calm, don't arouse her suspicions and do your survelliance homework then make your decision on what legal route to take based on the evidence to protect your assets and possibly your life.

Why throw your life away over a woman regardless of how much it hurts? Keep your wits about you, realize your world is not over and before you know it, you'll have a new woman in your life who will good for you and to you.

Remember, the Top 25 Signs of Wife Cheating are some of the signs to look out for to protect your interests. There may be other signs like a woman's sudden disinterest in family gatherings or a sudden new agreeing with you every time you mention doing something with your friends that take you out of town for the night.

Don't take these signs as "Yes" she is cheating. You need to know without a doubt and have the proof for the judge before you make a move.

Do your own survelliance or hire a private investigator if you experience that gut feeling that something isn't right. You need to make sure that gut feeling isn't just bad gas before you lose her by falsely accusing her of cheating. 

Disclaimer: provides this information as entertainment only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any and all actions taken by those who use this information

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