Lead and Fishing

Is the Danger of Using Lead In Fishing Real?

The danger of the lead and fishing tackle combination is real. Man-In-A-Hurry.com voluntarily agrees to start fishing with toxic free sinkers and jigs to help protect our children and wildlife.

Protect The Swans From Lead and FishingThe tackle industry use of lead in producing small sinkers weighing less than one ounce and small jigs is harming our wild life with the potential of indirectly poisoning the food chain.

Canada and Great Britian have banned or restricted the use of these types of sinkers weighing less than one ounce. New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Vermont have restrictions in place with New Hampshire banning the use of this type of jig measuring less than one inch long.

Minnesota, home of many tackle manufacturers, opted to use an aggressive campaign to educate anglers about alternative tackle instead of banning the use of the dangerous sinkers weighing one ounce or less and small jigs that are used by millions of anglers.

The momentum is growing in other states for restricting or banning tackle made of this known toxic material.

How Are the Bird Species Harmed By Lead?

Ptoect The Loons From Lead After ingesting the small sinkers and jigs that are found in our lakes, streams and rivers, the small pieces of tackle swallowed by swans and loons travel to their gizzards where the toxic metal is ground up.

The now pulverized lead is processed by the bird's digestive acids then released into their bloodstream resulting in death within two to three weeks.


Are Swans and Loons the Only Wildlife Affected?

Protect The Eagles from Lead Eagles are also dying after eating fish who have swallowed small lead sinkers and jigs. Poisoning has been reported in painted and snapping turtles, canada geese, great blue herons, mallards, and sandhill cranes as well as some raccoons.

Some fish have been found with a lead concentration in the fatty tissue areas of their bodies. There are techniques used to remove the fatty tissue areas when cleaning fish for personal consumption to help lower possible concentration levels.

Some fish species have a higher chemical concentration level in their bodies than other fish species due to their eating habits. Find out which fish are known to accumulate a lower concentration of chemicals in their bodies.


What Can Be Done To Protect Our Children and Wildlife From Lead?

Become one of the "Let's Get The Lead Out!" anglers determined to protect our children,wildlife and enviroment.

See picture of lead jig swallowed by waterfowl

Remove the toxic tackle from your tackle box and voluntarily start using steel, tin, bismuth, plastic, or tungsten-nickel alloy made sinkers and jigs.

Make sure fish are cleaned properly.

Share Man-In-A-Hurry's Fishing Page with a fellow angler to get the word out about the health hazard of using these types of sinkers and small jigs.

Enjoy Fishing With Your New Toxic Free Tackle

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